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Setting up Dialup connections

  1. To check if dialup networking is installed, double click on My Computer, this is located on the top left hand corner of your desktop. This will display a window, shown below. If there is an icon in the window called dialup networking, then it is installed and skip to step 3. For this step you need your Window '98 CD. Before you start the install you must put the CD in the CD-ROM drive.

  2. To install dialup networking, click on the start button, and go to settings and then control panel. Your start menu should look like the image below.

    Now click on control panel. This will display the window shown below. You then need to double click on 'Add/Remove programs'.

    This opens up dialog which displays details about the programs installed on your machine. Click on the second tab, called 'Windows Setup'. This will display the components of windows which are installed on your system. Click and highlight Communications and then click details.

    This will bring up another dialog which will display a list of communication components. The component which you need is dialup networking, this should be at the top of the list. Click in the box which is located next to dialup networking and a small tick should appear in the box. This marks dialup networking as to be installed. Next click OK and windows will install dialup networking. At this point the windows '98 CD 'must' be in the CD-ROM drive.

    Once Windows has finished installing, click OK on Add/Remove programs and close control panel. If you are not prompted to reboot your computer, it is advised that you do so now before proceeding to the next step.

  3. The first step is to double click on My Computer and double click on Dialup Networking. It will either come up with this image or if it's the first time you have used dialup networking, a dialup connection wizard will load as well. If you get the wizard please skip ahead, otherwise double click Make New Connection. If a different dialog appears asking you if it can detect and install a modem then please consult the documentation that came with your modem, as it probably either is not installed or currently not working.

  4. This is the dialup connection wizard, this will allow you to enter the basic details of your connection. This is the first screen which you will come to, just click next to continue setting up your connection.

    This dialog asks you to enter the name of your connection and the modem which you are going to use to connect to the internet. The top dialog asks for a name, this name is for your reference only. The name can be left as "My Connection" or be renamed to something more helpful such as "Kadence".

    The second dialog asks what device or modem should be used for the connection. This should normally be left alone. However, if the incorrect modem or device is selected there then scroll down the list and select the appropriate device.

    This next dialog asks for you to enter the details about the phone number which your modem is going to use, in order to connect to us.

    This is the last screen in the dialup connection wizard, click finish to end the wizard.

    This will now create an icon in dialup networking called the name which you entered in the first dialog of the wizard.

  5. You have just created a basic dialup connection. Now we need to configure the dialup connection.

    Now 'right' click on the connection you have just made. This will display a menu, as in the picture below.

    On the menu select properties. This will display a dialog showing the telephone number which you entered, and the modem which was selected. At the top of the window there is a 'tab' which is called server types, please click on it. The dialog will change and look like the one displayed below. The options need to be changed on this screen. Please change the options to what is displayed in the image below.

    These are what the options should be: The type of dialup server is the default: PPP:Internet, Windows NT, Windows 98 and TCP/IP should be ticked, and the rest of the options should NOT be ticked.

    Once all the settings in the first dialog are correct, click TCP/IP settings. This will bring up another dialog which will display the TCP/IP settings for your connection (displayed below). The settings which you see on your machine should be the same as those displayed below. However if the settings on your machine are different please change them to match those in the image below.

    To end this step click OK and on the previous window OK again. This should bring you back to the dialup networking window. If it doesn't this is where you need to be!

  6. Now that you have set up your connection to Kadence you now have to dial into us. Before doing this make sure that the modem, if external, is plugged into your machine, and also you should check the phone line is connected to the modem and to a phone socket. Once you have checked all the connections double click on the connection which you have made. This dialog will appear which is shown below. Enter your user name and password into the appropriate boxes, making sure that you enter everything in lower case (make sure caps-lock is not on). Now click on connect, and your machine should connect to the internet. Should this not happen recheck your settings and try again.

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