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Online Help | Eudora 5.0

Setting up your email in Eudora 5.0

NOTE: Follow this exactly. These instructions are for Eudora 5.0. You may check your version by hitting help, then about.

  1. Start Eudora 5.0
  2. Click Tools
  3. Click Options
  4. Check to make sure you are in the Getting Started Category
  5. For real name type in your name
  6. For return address type in you@yourdomain.com
  7. For incoming mail server type in mail.yourdomain.com
  8. For login name type you%yourdomain.com
  9. For SMTP (Outgoing) type in mail.yourdomain.com
  10. Hit CTRL-M (The hotkey for checking mail) or hit File --> Check Mail, or Hit the icon to the right of the outbox
  11. If you have any problems checking the mail please record the exact error message. If these steps are followed exactly, 99%
    of the time it will be a connection related problem. If this is the case, call our toll free tech support at 1.877.755.1141

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